Laura Renwick

Laura Renwick, Is an international show jumper and trainer. Laura lives in Maldon Essex with her husband John and their son. This is where they are currently launching their amazing facilities for evaluations and training. – which you can find out more about on the training section of the hompage.

Laura Renwick was born in 1974 and has been involved with horses her whole life.  Laura has always been a successful showjumper, but it was on her return to showjumping after having her son that Laura really took showjumping by storm and she is now the highest ranked lady rider in the BSJ rankings.  Laura's ability to get the best out of horses and to produce them is second to none and with the support of John Renwick this duo really is a formidable pair in the equestrian world

Laura has seven main competition horses at present all of which are fantastic and make her very proud. Laura loves that the horses all have their own very unique personalities, from being the cheeky chappie of Oz, to the, I like my own space beluga.

If keeping seven competition horses at the top of their game wasn’t enough, Laura also has many youngsters that she is bringing on.

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