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The Horse Photographer shoots Olympia!

Laura Renwick was delighted to work with one of the UK’s most outstanding photographers Matthew Seed - The Horse Photographer, Olympia Horse Show and their design agency, Red Giant Project’s Creative Director, Martin Sharrocks, to produce the advertising campaign for 2018/2019.

Matthew has developed his camera and lighting skills over many years as a fashion & advertising photographer working with a myriad of blue chip brands, before venturing into fine art equestrian photography.

’It was great working with Laura, who was extremely generous with her time. We expected Bingtang to be initially overwhelmed by the huge white backdrops used for these shoots, which were necessary to produce the crisp, clean images, but he horses behaved impeccably,’ said Matthew.

‘Horses are beautiful animals to photograph but it often takes some time to earn their trust and my aim is to form a bond and understand each horse I photograph in order to capture their essence.’

Matthew Seed is the pioneer of bringing flash lighting to horses out in the field and is world renowned for his unique, dramatic, fine art approach to photographing horses.  In 2010 the Independent Newspaper featured Matthew’s work, likening it in style to that of the Old Masters, George Stubbs and Théodore Géricault. Having trained using film cameras, Matthew’s fine art photography is always achieved ‘in camera’ using a balance of daylight and flash lighting, which gives the authenticity that post production techniques can never achieve.

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The Horse Photographer shoots Olympia!